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Business Cards

Your business card could well be your cheapest form of marketing. If you are not 100%
satisfied that this little scrap of cardboard will generate business enquiry for you, then why
are you using it? I recommend working with a good design expert and updating it - before
it turns anyone away from calling you.

Marketing Flashes on Business Cards:

1) Be sure to put your contact details, address, company name, positioning statement
(or at least a description of what you do) on your cards.

2) When you need new cards - don't wait, just get them. The cost of having scruffy or
pen-modified cards may do your business more harm than good.

3) Be sure to have cards on hand always - you never know when you may need them.
Give them to all of your employees to use. They will promote your company in ways
that you might not even have thought of and the potential increased loyalty factor
from your staff will also be a long-term benefit for you.

4) You can branch out into magnetic, wooden, vinyl adhesive and even credit card style
business cards to compliment or replace your traditional paper cards for interest and
variety with great success. People love to have something a little different.
» Finishes Available After Print

• Blind Emboss
• Hot Stamping
• Die-Cut
• Lamination